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"Please Bill. It’s Maggie. Me wife of twenty five years. Please Bill, please don’t do this."
"Why’d yer eyes look like mine?"
"I-I wear contact lenses, Bill."
"Take ‘em out. Just take ‘em out, love. That’s more like it."


Ken lets out an awful primal cry of pain. He runs to his wife and cradles her in his arms. Kieren is looking in horror at the weeping, devastated Ken, widowed for a second time, cradling Maggie’s body in the street.


Dear Moonchildren, there is a blog on tumblr who picks at every single artist and tries to make them look bad, and recently they made a post about Kerli.

Please, reblog my post (or add your own comments) to prove how stupid and uneducated they are.


i see so many people with terrible dreads lately
i guess you could say it’s



THE SHOW MIGHT BE CANCELED. To help us save In The Flesh, please watch it here, not anywhere else. If you live outside the UK, you can download Hola extension to watch it.

Even if you’re not interested in this show, please help the fans by watching it. You don’t even need to pay attention to it, you can just leave it on in the background, but please help us save the show.